Ebo Whyte

Ebo Whyte

Motivational Speaker


Uncle Ebo Whyte is the CEO and brain behind Roverman Productions. He is known nationwide as an accomplished and award winning playwright and highly sought after motivational speaker.

Uncle Ebo constantly challenges Ghanaians to think more about the world they live in and the contribution they make to it. The awards he has received for this contribution to society reflect the impact he has in a range of areas; they include the Women in Creative Industry Award for his positive portrayal of women, the Springboard Personality of the Year award for 2011 the UT Ghanaian Entrepreneur Foundation's Entrepreneur award for Most Promising Entrepreneur for 2011 and most recently is the Millennium Excellence Award 2015 for Literature.

Uncle Ebo is a trained statistician, self-taught chartered accountant and marketing professional, whose career in management cut across the Publishing, Financial, Pharmaceutical and Automobile industries, to the fully fledged, renowned full time playwright that he is today.

He has helped in the team building efforts and rebranding processes for many companies and is known to have helped numerous people in all walks of life through his hard hitting, inspirational and realistic presentations.

He has successfully written and directed over 20 plays (including Unhappy Wives; Confused Husbands, Women on Fire, Forbidden and Bananas & Groundnuts) which have become reference points in many lives.

His articles in the Rover Report Monthly continue to stimulate and encourage readers to live more fulfilled and positive lives and bring families closer together as they discuss issues that are present in their homes and the homes of those around.

"He Challenges Ghanaian to think more about the world they live in "
and the contribution they make to it.