Alan Carter

Alan Carter

Assistant Director – International Relations and Capacity Building Team

HM Revenue & Customs
Alan is an economist by professional background. He joined HMRC in 2003, advising the government on business tax policy, and on natural resource taxation.

Alan was also HMRC’s main tax adviser to the UK’s Department for International Development on tax and development
issues, and has provided capacity building support to a wide variety of countries in collaboration with a range of international institutions. Between 2010 and 2013, Alan was Head of the International Tax Dialogue Secretariat (ITD), a global tax knowledge sharing programme sup-ported by the EU, IMF, OECD and World Bank, and hosted by the OECD.
He began his career at the Department of Trade and Industry and its successive ministries, where he held a variety of posts and advised the government on trade policy, and on innovation and industrial strategy. Alan has also worked in HM Treasury on international finance, and on debt and development issues, and was the UK’s chief Paris Club negotiator during the Asian financial crisis.
Alan then returned to DTI to advise on competition, regulatory reform and consumer policy prior to joining HMRC. He also has experience of working in a globally recognised management consultancy firm where he advised clients on the strategic outlook and responses to EU monetary and economic integration, on a secondment from the civil service.

e-mail: alan.carter@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk