William Babatunde Fowler

William Babatunde Fowler

Executive Chairman Federal Inland Revenue Service, Nigeria

William Babatunde Fowler is a seasoned tax administrator. He studied in the USA at the University of Wisconsin, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a minor in Political Science in 1978. He completed a second Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration at California State University, and also a Master of Business Administration degree program at California State University, both in 1981.

Mr Fowler amongst many other new initiatives, has introduced and deployed several ICT driven initiatives which is revolutionizing tax administration in Nigeria and serving to ease taxpayers compliance, such as the Integrated Tax Administration System (enables on-line filing of tax returns), VAT-Collect system (automation of collection and remittance to government coffers of VAT due from Airlines), e-Stamp Duty (on-line stamping of documents and stamp duty payments), e-Tax receipt (enables instantaneous issuance of receipts for taxes paid), e-Tax Clearance Certificate system (on-line issuance and verification of TCC), etc.

In recognition of his exemplary performance as a tax administrator, Mr Fowler’s colleagues (Heads of Revenue Authorities) from across Africa, voted overwhelmingly at the 4th ATAF General Assembly in Durban, South Africa in October 2016, to elect him as the Chairman of the African Tax Administration Forum. He is the first Nigerian to lead this Africa’s foremost Tax body comprising Revenue Authorities from 38 African countries.

e-mail: tunde.fowler@firs.gov.ng