Welcome to the 38th CATA Conference 2017


The 38th Annual Technical Conference of the Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators (CATA) will be held in Accra, Ghana from 6th to 10th of November 2017.

The Ghana Revenue Authority is proud to host the 2017 Annual Conference.  The conference provides a platform for networking among Tax Administrators within the Commonwealth as well as with representatives of international organisations, business and academic communities.
The theme for the 2017 Conference is ‘Leveraging Technology to enhance Revenue Administration’. 

Tax Administrations operate in varied environments but regardless of the specifics, all revenue bodies share a common interest in technological solutions that can improve their performance.

Technology offers the opportunity to consider new options for managing taxes and reducing risks to revenue and thereby improving compliance.
Increased digital presence creates an opportunity to deliver significant improvements in service delivery, countering fraud, and in dealing with the shadow or hidden economy.

Automation is also changing the nature of the workforce.  Employees are increasingly required to change roles as traditional roles are wiped out.
Businesses are constantly generating data based on shopping habits, entertainment, business and finance activities. By analysing that data we can identify trends, increase efficiency, personalise services and create opportunities for innovation.
However, such data analysis requires a firm foundation in digital skills. Tax Administrations must therefore engage digital strategies and constantly re-invent themselves to ensure a competent future workforce.

We look forward to fruitful discussions and engagement.  We are particularly anxious to give a taste of our beautiful country
See you soon.


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